The most interesting feature in the Pixel 3 leak isn’t Google’s notch—it’s what’s inside

Update 3:10 p.m.: A render based on the leaked screen protector shows what the Pixel 3 could look like in the flesh.

With the launch of the Pixel 3 less than six months away, Google has likely shored up the phone’s final design, and is putting on the finishing touches before it heads off to manufacturing. And right on cue, we have our first leak of the front screen protector of the next-generation Pixel, and, well, it looks pretty much exactly as I expected.

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Battlefield V returns to WWII with no plans for a premium season pass

Two months’ worth of leaks ruined most of the surprise, but as promised EA and DICE officially revealed Battlefield V today. As expected, the series is returning to World War II, coming full circle to where Battlefield 1942 started over 15 years ago.

I suspect this homecoming would feel more groundbreaking were it not for Call of Duty: WWII last year. That said, I’ve been anticipating Battlefield’s take on World War II, seeing what Frostbite could do with it—and now we’ve seen a bit.

Take a look at the initial reveal trailer:

Due for release on October 19, Battlefield V is bringing back one of my favorite parts of its predecessor, the “War Stories” campaign structure. Rather than one unwieldy, overarching campaign, War Stories breaks out into a series of short one- or two-hour vignettes. In Battlefield 1 that included a take on Lawrence of Arabia, a crawl through the muddy trenches of France, and a fight atop a crashing zeppelin. I’m hoping for some equally memorable moments here, and a larger selection of them.

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Samsung Notebook 9 Pen review: Samsung’s note-taking PC can’t quite justify its price

The Notebook 9 Pen aspires to be Samsung’s version of a MacBook, with a pricey, potent mix of components powering some unique app experiences. But its bland, plasticky exterior will probably suggest a Chromebook instead, though with an iconic S-Pen stylus that’s always ready to jot a quick note.

It’s a difficult dichotomy for this 13.3-inch, 360-degree convertible to reconcile, made even more challenging by the Notebook 9 Pen’s MSRP: $1,400. To be fair, we’ve recently seen it for $100 or so less on some sites. Unless you love Samsung’s S-Pen, though, the Notebook 9 Pen is vulnerable to like-priced (or cheaper) competition.

Still, you may consider some of its weaknesses to be strengths. For example, Samsung manufactured the entire chassis out of a special custom magnesium alloy, with the look, weight and feel of plastic. Yet the light 2.14-pound weight (just under 2.5 pounds with the charger) is something your shoulders will appreciate when you carry this laptop in your bag. Likewise, we don’t consider its numerous customizable settings and apps to be truly useful, though they offer a degree of configurability its competition lacks. 

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