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Moving your business to Office 365 is no small task.  As a Microsoft cloud service provider and migration partner.  We are able to leverage proprietary systems to complete our clients migrations. The result? Reduced time and risk. A seamless migration project. Happy customers.

RCCT INC. has moved hundreds mailboxes for our clients to Microsoft 365. We understand that every one of our clients have different environments which are very unique. That’s why our migration services are built to help you move better and with ease.

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Whether you’re migrating a 5 person company, or a 200 seat account, RCCT gives you the flexibility and control to successfully migrate with ease.  Contact us today for a free no obligation quote.


Microsoft 365


Exchange Online

RCCT is a Microsoft Exchange Online solution provider,  move your company’s in-house exchange server to the cloud. Increased reliability, security and performance all at a great value.

Microsoft Hosted Exchange Server

Move to a modern online exchange environment at a low cost monthly affordable rate.

Having completed numerous migration projects for various clients. Whether you have 5 mailboxes or 500, we have a solution for your business.  Our solutions will allow your company to enjoy the benefits of an exchange environment without acquiring the high costs of running an in-house exchange server.  Share calendars and contacts, automated out-of-office reply’s, spam/virus protection, backup, signatures, is all available with our online exchange service.

Moving the Business and the Bits

Moving a business to hosted exchange is no small task. Migration projects can be tedious and time-consuming, requiring significant planning, project management, and technical expertise. RCCT uses a new type of migration application that manages all the details of a move from start to finish. The result? Reduced time and risk. A seamless migration project. Happy customers.

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